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Should you root your android?

Root My Android Now!

Customize your phone.You can even make your phone do some of the Galaxy S4 hand controls.Such as opening apps or looking through your pictures, with just a wave of your hand.

Like a S4

Remove stock apps and free up space, App2sd, Wifi hotspot,acess to 20,000+root user only apps

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We also have one click root software available for certain android phones and tablets.

Rooting Software

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Rooting is a method used to gain administrative access to your Smartphone. Although Android is supposed to be an open source operating system, you’re still restricted from full “root access” to the core of the system and doing whatever you please on your phone.

As an Android phone user you’re bound to hear about rooting at some point in time. It seems to be the current buzzword within the Android community. The primary reason users want to root their phone or tablet is to gain more freedom and control over how they use their device. Consequently, a cottage industry has sprung up to help Android users to do just that.

You can find apps on the Android Market that require rooting and download them in relative safety because the official market is typically more secure and carries fewer malware programs than many third-party websites.

Before you root your phone you need to understand the risks. First of all, rooting can and most likely will void the warranty on your phone. But in most cases, rooting can be reversed if you ever feel the need to do so, so the warranty violation may never be known.

The next risk you face when rooting your phone is called “bricking.” Bricking occurs when the root software fails to complete, thereby totally screwing up your device to the point where it no longer functions properly; making your phone or tablet as useless as a brick. Why take the chance of bricking your device when you can hire one of our certified Android experts to root your device safely? And if you’ve already tried and failed to root your device, we also repair bricked equipment; restoring them to full functionality again.

Our experts will eliminate any chance of your device being damaged because they’re some of the best android experts in the business. Besides, our one click software is safe and easy to use, making the rooting process as simple as can be. However, you should always backup the data on your phone before messing around the operating system.

Here are just a few of the cool things you can do by rooting your phone:

Gain absolute power over your operating system

The ability to remove useless and unwanted default apps installed by your provider

Installing and customizing your themes

Being able to install unofficial custom apps

Having the ability to perform a full system backup

Getting the capability to install Software to your SD card

Obtaining the ability to install custom ROMs

In case you’re wondering, a customize ROM is a complete standalone version of the operating system, including the kernel (that makes everything run). The difference is that the ROM is customized to behave the way you want it and not how your service provider wants you to have it.

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